Open a branch in the Silicon Mountains
Talented professionals and huge networking potential
Favourable environment
Ease of opening and doing business
Our assistance in the process
Follow the steps of dozens of tech companies from the US, Europe, and Russia having a physical presence in Armenia
Armenia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It takes only 3 hours by air to go to Doha, Dubai, Kyiv, or Moscow, 4 hours to fly to Vienna, and 5 hours to Paris.
It's a small country with a huge networking and human capital potential.
English proficiency is a common requirement for tech professionals, while the Russian language is still widely spread in the country.
The tech sector employs over 22,000 engineers that are 5,3% of the working population of Yerevan. Every year thousands of young professionals coming out of the universities, coding academies, or technological centers join the sector.
Based on the Doing Business 2019 rating, Armenia is on the 8th place on the ease of opening a business and on the 41st on doing business, going ahead of countries like Belgium, Israel, and Ukraine.
On average, it takes 4 days to register a business, comparing to 10 days in Europe and Central Asia. That will cost less than 1% of income per capita compared to 3,2% in OECD countries.
The government works in favor of the sector, providing a tax exemption from corporate income tax and reduces the payroll tax to 10% from the normally applicable 23-28%.
The Armenian tech sector has been expanding at double-digit annual rates for more than a decade. In 2017 the share of the IT sector in the Armenian GDP reached 7%.
To open an office in Armenia and get to the point when it's operating at its full capacity requires time and effort. We will walk you through all the steps.
HR Services
Owing to a unique pool of talents we have accumulated over the years, we will find highly motivated and experienced professionals with deep knowledge and thorough understanding of the subject.
  • Hire an engineering lead
  • Build engineering and administrative teams
  • Within the 6 months we guarantee to build a team of 10+ tech specialists
  • 1 year guarantee
Office setup & management
We will help you find you a place, handle emerging issues during the setup process, and ensure its efficient operation.
  • Set up a legal entity
  • Provide full legal support
  • Accounting services from A to Z
  • Open a bank account
Storegear is a Netherlands-based company focusing on last-mile e-commerce delivery software. In 2018 founders decided to open an office in Armenia, and we were by their side to make it happen.
"I'd like to highlight that although Narek and I love Armenia, we tried to ignore our emotions and take a look at Armenia as objectively as possible. During our research we realized that Armenia possesses a large amount of technically skilled talents and offers a great environment for tech companies to run their business.''
Emin Younan, co-founder of Storegear NL
From Rotterdam to Yerevan
For years we are implementing these projects in cooperation with meettal.
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