TUMO - Center for Creative Technologies

Specialisation: educational center
Founded: in 2011
Number of employees: 200

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is a new kind of after-school educational centers that gives children tools to succeed in the modern world. The TUMO learning program is free-of-charge activities for the children age 12 up to 18 focused around 14 learning spheres: programming, game development, graphic design, animation, robotics, motion design, 3D Modelling, and other creative fields.

Beside local coaches and tutor who supervise workshops and projects all year round, every year over 100 technology and design professionals from around the world come to TUMO.

Currently, over 19000 teens attend TUMO in 4 different locations - Yerevan, Gyumri, Dilijan, and Stepanakert. In 2018 TUMO opened international centers in Paris and Beirut. And in the upcoming years, TUMO is going to open 3 more centers in Koghb and Masis, Armenia and Moscow, Russia.

If you have any questions left, write us on lp@itis.am.

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