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Armenia is emerging as a new hub for tech professionals. Competitive salaries, cool startups, comfortable life and low cost of living attract more and more specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA and Europe
Why Armenia?
Global companies
Armenia is a small country with a huge networking potential. Local companies enter international market early on and compete successfully, while global companies open branches and offices in Armenia. Companies like Synopsys with the biggest engineering office outside of the US, PicsArt with 130 mil monthly active users and investments from Sequoia Capital, Teamable with offices in San-Francisco and Yerevan working with clients like Spotify, Lyft, Robinhood are already operating in Armenia.
Guide to the Armenian Tech Sector
100 best companies operating in Armenia including global corporations and local products
Safe environment
Yerevan is one of the safest cities in the world. Sincere hospitality and openness are embedded in people's nature, that is the reason of a low crime index not an abundance of police force on the streets. Armenia is among top-20 safest countries in the world, during night time Yerevan is safer than cities like Moscow, Berlin, London or Vienna. Regarding children's security and overall well-being, according to The Children's Society (UK), Armenia is in the top-3.
High quality education
In Armenia there are several educational programs that do not have analogues in the world: Ayb school, UWC international college and Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, where 15 thousand children are taught programming by the leading experts in the field on a free basis. In addition, starting from 2011 chess has been included in compulsory curriculum in all schools across Armenia (BBC article).
Wonderful nature
Armenia is a museum in itself, place to discover and draw inspiration from. On the weekends one by one you can explore 9 out of 12 climate zones represented in the country. Yerevan is the world second city in regards to outdoor possibilities, water access and presence of mountains and hills in the city.
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