Specialisation: mobile social platform to learn coding
Founded: in 2013
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA, USA
Number of Employees: 100+

SoloLearn is a mobile social platform to learn and practice coding with the largest community of mobile coders in the world. SoloLearn offers courses in 13 areas from HTML, PHP and Java to Swift, С# and Ruby from beginner to pro level. Currently, over 28,600,000 learners all over the world use SoloLearn apps on all types of devices. Overall SoloLearn community is around 13 million people interested in coding. To support that company offers variety of tools to ask questions, share tests, links to third party sources, articles or alternative explanation of a concept.

The company went through several funding rounds with a total amount of 6,9 million USD.

If you have any questions left, write us on hi@itis.am.

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