SmartClick AI

Specialisation: Machine Learning and AI SaaS Marketing Platform
Founded: in 2018
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Number of Employees: 40-50

SmartClick is a full-service software provider delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for Enterprises. Technology developed by the company is applicable across large and small businesses, corporations, institutions, and governments.

Among the products developed by the company is the first face recognition system fully developed and successfully implemented in Armenia. The Machine Learning model of the system splits a face into nine different parts and can identify people even within a single image. The system was trained on a database of around 1 million people on different points of their lives.

SmartClick launched an AI platform making intelligent real-time predictions about customer behavior based on the client's data. The platform gives insights into audience interaction with the business online, boosts the efficiency of the marketing campaigns with the proper market segmentation and targeting.

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