RAFA Solutions

Specialisation: systems integrator company
Founded: in 2012
Headquarters: Yerevan, Armenia
Number of employees: 10-20

RAFA Solutions is a systems integrator company specialising in Smart Machines and data acquisition and control systems. Company provides electronics design and software development services for material testing and semiconductor testing industries, Robust and Flexible Advanced Solutions for machinery control and automation.

To keep up with the latest trends company collaborates with the research institutes and professors from various universities and colleges.

RAFA Solutions has received CSIA Certified status in the CSIA "Best Practices and Benchmarks" certification program that is the highest level of certification available in the control systems integration industry. In 2017 company was awarded with ISO 9001:2015 quality certification which is the latest revision of the world's most recognised quality management systems standard.

If you have any questions left, write us on hi@itis.am.

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