Specialisation: intelligent information governance solutions
Founded: in 1996
Established presence in Armenia: in 2016
Headquarters: Encino, California
Number of employees: 10-20 in the Yerevan office
Vacancy: System Administrator

Globanet is a leading provider of information archiving, data migration, Designated Third Party (D3P) compliance, and eDiscovery solutions that help organizations manage data from creation to expiry.

Globanet's proprietary solutions include the Globanet Merge1 message capture platform and Globanet Migrate data migration software. Merge1 platform captures and archives all communications from different message types (Social Media, IM, and Financial Platforms, Plus Cloud-based Content) for compliance and eDiscovery. Migrate is an archive migration software solution for organizations of all sizes, that helps to move large data sets in various formats to different archive or mail platforms.

Globanet also provides a broad range of professional services including policy and solution design, installation, configuration, email archive migrations, custom add-ons, and project-based eDiscovery consulting.

The company has several offices in the US, the UK, India, and Armenia.

If you have any questions left, write us on hi@itis.am.

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