Specialisation: software development
Founded: in 1977
Established presence in Armenia: in 2014
Headquarters: Redwood Shores, CA, USA
Number of Employees at the Yerevan office: 20-50

Oracle is the world's largest developer of software for corporate clients and a major provider of a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services with hundreds of thousands of employees across 184 locations.

In 2013 the Armenian Government and the American Oracle Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that Oracle will provide assistance to Armenia within the framework of its educational programs, assessment and expanded application of Oracle solutions in public agencies, and creation of an Oracle excellence center in the country.

Year later, in the middle of 2014 the company announced opening an office in Armenia through the acquisition of a local company LiveLook. LiveLook was a provider of cloud-based, real-time collaboration with innovative technology for co-browsing and screen sharing. LiveLook has become a part of Oracle Service Cloud and the first R&D office of the company in Yerevan.

The company also participates in the Armenian tech market organizing conferences for the Armenian group of Oracle users.

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