Branch in the Silicon Mountains
The why and the how to open an office in Armenia following the steps of dozens tech companies from the USA, Europe and Russia
Why Armenia
Armenia is a small country with a huge networking potential located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It takes only 3 hours by air to go to Doha, Dubai, Kiev, or Moscow, 4 hours to fly to Vienna, and 5 hours to Paris.
Talented workforce
Well-educated talents with technical skills and English proficiency are the main driving force of the Armenian teach sector.
  • The industry employs over 22,000 engineers that is 5,3% of the working population of Yerevan.
  • Plus, 9,000 young professionals coming out of the universities every year and hundreds alumnus of coding academy or technological centres.
Favourable environment and high quality infrastructure
  • In 2017 share of IT sector in the Armenian GDP reached 7%. Based on that Armenia is going on the same level as Estonia, is ahead of the US and aiming for the spot of the UK and Singapore.
  • The government works in favour of the sector providing tax exemption for tech companies that have opened branch office in the country.
Ease of opening and doing business in Armenia
  • Based on the Doing Business 2019 rating Armenia is on the 8th place on the ease of opening a business and on the 41st on doing business, going ahead of countries like Belgium, Israel, and Ukraine.
  • On average it takes 4 days to register a business, comparing to 10 days in Europe and Central Asia. That will cosst less than 1% of income per capita comparing to 3,2% in OECD countries.
  • While total tax rate is 18,5% of the profit, comparing to 34,2 in Europe and Central Asia, and 40,7% in OECD countries.
We can guide you and help to
Hire a Tech Lead
Owing to a unique pool of talents we have accumulated over the years, we will find a highly motivated and experienced professionals who has a deep knowledge and a through understanding of the Armenian tech market, and can handle all emerging issues during the setup process.

1-year guarantee period
Build a Team
We will be your guide to the local labour market, will help to build engineering and administrative teams that will level up your products.

3-month guarantee period for every team member
Launch a Branch
We will help you find your place and insure its efficient operation.
✓ workplace setup
✓legal entity setup
✓accounting consultancy
✓administrative issues
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