Specialisation: voice processing platform
Founded: in 2017
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, USA
Number of Employees: 20-50

2Hz is building technologies at the intersection of audio, speech and AI and working towards speech enhancement products using advanced algorithms combining Machine Learning with Digital Signal Processing. 2hz software can be licensed and integrated into wide range of communication services with the aim to mute background noise, recover packets lost due to bad network quality, improve quality or adjust voice loudness.

Krisp web application is one of the products developed by the company. It is a noise canceling app that subtracts background noise during calls. On-device technology detects human voice, selects only that part and cuts the rest of the signal. Krisp modifies both the incoming and outgoing audio. In 2018 Krisp won Golden Kitty Award as a Product of the Year in the category Audio&Voice.

2hz team includes Deep Learning and DSP Experts, Software Engineers and PhDs in Math and Physics.

The company went through 2 funding rounds raising a total of 2 mln USD from the variety of venture capital firm including the Armenian ones like Granatus Ventures and SmartGateVC.

If you have any questions left, write us on hi@itis.am.

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