What's so special about Armenia?
Stories of those who have already moved to Armenia and experienced all sides of the country
Couple of facts about life in Armenia
Cultural diversity
Historically Armenia has strong bond both with the West and East, as it used to be an important stop on the way of the Silk Road. Since that time Armenia is a place for talented people from both ends.
Scientific heritage
Passion for science has been an integral part of Armenian culture for a thousand years. In the Soviet era Armenia had the highest number of PhD holders per capita in the Soviet Union. Moreover, this small country that constituted only 1,5% of the Soviet population contributed 30% of all the research and development of military electronics.
Healthy food and good ecological situation
As Armenia is a country with a traditionally strong agricultural sector, food here is very tasty and healthy. It's no wonder that National Geographic named Yerevan one of 6 unexpected cities for the food lover.
City of sun
Yerevan is full of sun all year round. On average, 286 days a year in Yerevan are sunny. Plus, early spring, hot summer, warm long autumn and short frosty winter await.
Too good to be true?
We aren't claiming that Armenia is a heaven on Earth. It can be too hot in July and August and not everywhere you can find bike paths. But here almost everything is within a walking distance and hospitality and sun run in the blood of Armenian people.
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